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My husband and I met in 2008 while both serving on a tour of service in New Orleans, Louisiana. We got married in 2011 and continued our military service in Virginia, where we both ended up retiring. We have three beautiful daughters, two of which have started their own careers and our youngest is still in high school. 

During our service, we baked on the weekends for close friends and family members. This small home-baking quickly expanded from there. Once we retired, we decided to move to Milledgeville, GA. A few months into our retirement, we discovered a local bakery that was for sale. Ryals Bakery had a long standing history in Milledgeville, starting with the Kirkpatrick’s in 1953, switching ownership to the Ryals family in 1976. We loved the idea of keeping this legacy alive and decided to make our life long dream of owning our own storefront a reality, and the rest is history. Coasties Bakery officially opened its doors September 2022.

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